Bender Menders starts each repair with a thorough estimate. Our estimating software is updated monthly for all makes and models including Domestic, European and Asian vehicles. Once the estimate is complete, we will review it with you so you understand the steps required to complete your service.

Computerized 3-Dimensional Measuring System

Bender Menders is the only facility in Elbert County utilizing a computerized 3-dimensional measuring system to measure the height, width and length of your vehicle's structure. Because this structure supports all steering and suspension parts, these points of your vehicle must be properly repaired to factory specifications.

Nova Verta Down-Draft Paint Booth


The baking process of the Nova Verta Paint Booth allows for a faster cure time. So, instead of standing around watching the paint dry, we can reassemble your vehicle more quickly than an air-dry system. A down draft booth provides a relatively dust-free paint finish.

Bender Menders uses top-of-the-line BASF paint. We use a paint mixing system that considers paint fading and ensures an accurate finish.

Pro Spot Welding

Bender Menders uses Pro Spot Welders to replicate how your vehicle was originally assembled at the factory. Below you can view some brief videos that will provide a quick and comprehensive look at why we choose to utilize this OEM style welding equipment.

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