Window Tinting & Clear Bra


Window Tinting

  • Substantially reduces the glare and damaging effects of the sun.
  • Protects your interior from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
    • Today's quality tinting materials eliminate up to 99% of these UV rays before they can get into your auto.
  • Increased security

Tinting has always been associated with increased security for your auto, since a would-be thief is less likely to bother what he cannot see. Recently, some window film manufacturers have introduced safety tinting that can strengthen your windows to the point that it's even difficult to break through the windows with a baseball bat!

Tinting the windows of your automobile can provide years of added comfort and safety to you and your auto. Dollar for dollar, window tinting is one of the best aftermarket investments to improve the looks of your car and to help protect your interior.

Clear Bra

  • Clear Bras can deflect rock chips and other road debris, protect against abrasions, weather and bug damage, and keeps your paint job looking great.
  • Clear Bras are maintenance free and will not discolor your paint.

Bender Menders offers Clear Bra installation for all makes and models. Clear Bras are a thin, clear film of urethane laminate that can be applied to virtually anywhere on your vehicle. Most common areas are our hood, front bumper, fenders, side view mirrors, door handle pockets, door edges and headlights. It protects the appearance and value of your car. The clear film is durable, yet transparent...almost invisible!

Take a moment and watch us perform a Clear Bra installation in our Elizabeth, CO collision repair shop:

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